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Dungeon & Dragons for kids.  D&D Summer Camp and Afterschool D&D Adventures.  Safe online live-guided fun!

I did like this virtual camp; it seemed to be really well-organized. The fights were well thought-out and the map was expansive and diverse, which made me feel like I could explore any direction I wanted to!


11-year-old Dragonborn Barbarian

I had a lot of fun. The Storyteller was very funny and he had a lot of great stories. He made the game really enjoyable. It was also fun to unlock levels, get gold, get magical weapons and fight cool creatures and strange people. All the other players made their characters come to life and it all came together as a really fun and amazing experience.


10-year-old Dragonborn Fighter

I thought the campaign I played was really good and so was my Storyteller. I looked forward to playing the game every day.


13-year-old Dragonborn Paladin

My daughter and a friend really enjoyed this empowering all girl camp experience. Neither had played the game before, but got great assistance from their experienced DM. This was a perfect camp for cooped up kids looking for creative and fun ways to connect virtually.

Mother of Sally Caspian

14-year-old Garden Gnome Rogue

It's very action-packed, entertaining and exciting. The Storytellers are very diverse and great at what they do.


12-year-old Halfling Rogue

The camp was really fun. The rules were easy to learn, and the Storyteller was funny, engaging, and seemed like the type of person you'd want to have as a friend, even outside of D&D.


14-year-old Halfling Rogue

He had a blast!!

Father of Potato

10-year-old Dwarf Paladin

The Storyteller was super fun. He explained the campaign really well and made it feel alive.


10-year-old Dragonborn Paladin

Our Storyteller was super fun and inviting- an amazing DM. He kept the story going throughout the week and made the campaign easier than some Storytellers I've been with. Even though I was the oldest person there, we were all really good friends by the end.


12-year-old Elvish Sorceress

I really enjoyed the week! The Storyteller was great and I had a lot of fun playing. It's not too complicated for new players, but still fun for experienced players as well. It also was a great introduction to Roll 20 for me.


14-year-old Half Elf Cleric

I loved the D&D campaigns. I loved the way we worked together and the way the Storyteller involved us. I loved the funny voices they did too. I liked how in the beginning we got to do an introduction of our character. I loved it a lot.


15-year-old Human Druid

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