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Updated: Sep 14, 2022






We (me) at Adventuring Portal have spent a huge quantity of time poking around The Internet for all things related to D&D. Below are our favorites, all of which are free and keep it “PG”. 😊 Compared to some some other games, D&D can be quite inexpensive. As a player, you can buy the Player's Handbook and maybe some dice if you play in person ... but after that, everything else can be considered extra. In fact, with The Internet and all its access to resources, you might be able to get away with spending zero dollars as a player.

For someone running the game, spending zero dollars is not so much an option as you need "stuff." I am in the "too much of everything is just enough" camp so my D&D spending is not monastic. Regardless of my spending, I am super impressed with the depth and breadth of what is available for free - in the D&D world. Below are my go-to free sites :


- D&D’s own website (really, gotta start here!) They have great articles and the latest news.

- Yes, D&D bought D&D Beyond too. This was the go to independent website.

- Token Stamp maker (If you play online, then you will want to customize the way your character token looks. This nifty site lets you take an picture and transfer it to a cool circular image used on many web based gaming platforms)

- The Only Dungeon Map You'll Ever Need (title says it all)

- Need any audio / background music? The Tabletop Audio site crazy good!

- Lists and lists and lists of cool D&D stuff. As a list lover, this could be my favorite site of all time - really. Is there better? )

- People make their own adventures and sell them via the website called DmsGuild. But, there are also free adventures you can download. M.T. Black, one of my favorite adventure writers, compiled a list of 20 free adventures here. These all link back to the DMsGuild website and that is where you download the adventures.

- Random encounter generators, monster lists, magic items and soooo much to see on this amazing site

- Need a map?

- Stuck on what to call your character? Here is an entire website devoted to solving your problem.

- Interested in really spending zero? Check out this site for rules learning how to play.

- My Top D&D news websites:







Truth: Youtube and Podcasts are plentiful. Not all are suitable for children so I will not mention any specific channels or podcasts.

- Interested in really spending zero? Check out this site for rules learning how to play.

- What about all the interesting people out there writing / blogging about D&D:

Sly Flourish

3 Wise DMs

Flutes Loot

The Kind GM

Merric's Musings


The DM Lair

DM Dave

Note: At this point, with the new version of D&D coming out in 2024, we kind of want to slow down new purchases (writes the person that just bought Spelljammer and the Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel.)

Paul Lazrow is the founder and one of the DMs at Adventuring Portal, an online edutainment service that focuses on running live-guided fun, safe D&D games for kids and adults. Find out more at

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