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Teaching with D&D: Stealthy Social Studies Lesson Plan #3

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

The boss battle is about to happen, so let’s swing back into a social studies lesson. The transition into this lesson can naturally occur during a moment when you are asking one of your student-players to summarize what has happened so far in the adventure. Our adventure started as a "find a missing person" mission. By now the group has located the missing chef. They found out that an unfriendly neighboring territory’s local governor ordered the chef kidnapped. This adventure can conclude when your adventurers return the kidnapped chef and gets their reward.

In Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) there are so many situations that we can create which could complement curriculum from elementary through high school. In terms of social studies, during a D&D game you can witness different forms of governments and different rights and responsibilities of citizenship. You can further your understanding of the rule of law and experience economic systems, learn about scarcity and choice, travel though different geographical locations using maps, see symbols and engage in international relations. Players might even see the inside of a court system. Now let’s focus now in on scarcity and choice.

Lesson Plan #3: Social Studies

Lesson Objective: Understanding scarcity of resources and the influence it has on a personal and society level

Concept Vocab: Scarcity of resources