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Does playing D&D really make you smarter?

Believe It or Not, YES!

The declaration is bold, but there is scholarly support and compelling anecdotal evidence. There have been studies that show that the highly social and collaborative nature of RPGs like D&D cultivate a wide range of social-emotional skills, which can lay the foundation for improved learning. Now, teachers use D&D in their classrooms and claim it directly benefits core academic competencies.

What specific academic competencies does it benefit?

Many More than You'd Expect.

Participation in narrative role play can reveal new interests! In D&D, you gain exposure to geography from maps, recursive math from die rolling and adding/subtracting modifiers, philosophy, logic from the ever-present need for decision making, science in regards to the ecology of an environment, the weather, the climate of different terrains, as well as many scientific details learned from monsters, which were almost all taken from mythology!

What else will players learn?

Valuable & Applicable Life Skills.

Not only will players leave knowing all the basic gameplay of the world's best role playing game, but they will also practice teamwork, bravery, compassion, generosity, negotiation, improvisation, gamer etiquette, strategy, critical thinking, problem solving, cartography, and probability!

There's More to D&D than Meets the Eye

It's Highly Educational!

All girls’ D&D gaming. We teach D&D through experiential learning.  Afterschool D&D Adventures for tweens and teens

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