• 1x/week for 8 weeks - 2 hrs/session - 16 hrs of total game play.

    200 US dollars
  • Offered daily - 3 hrs of game play.

    45 US dollars
  • Learn how to run a D&D game! - 6 hr class over 3 days.

    90 US dollars
  • Offered daily - 1.5 hrs of introductory game play.

    25 US dollars
  • 2 days: (4 hr total), 2 hrs/session, (Mon, Tues) or (Wed, Thurs)

    60 US dollars

Afterschool and Weekend Sessions We Offer

Adventures Leaving the Portal

  • During the school year, we teach D&D through experiential learning through a variety of Afterschool D&D adventures for tweens and teens starting at 3pm from both the East and West Coasts depending on how often you'd like to adventure. All our games are hand-curated to ensure players are grouped age appropriately. All girls' D&D gaming groups available upon request!

  • We also offer one-time 3-hour adventures that are perfect for Virtual  Sleepovers, Birthday Parties, B-Mitzvah/Quinciñera Parties or Family and Friends Game Nights any day of the week.  You can put together your own group or we can make that happen!  (We even run games for adults only.)

  • New to Adventuring Portal? Check out our Intro to D&D where, in just 90-minutes, you'll learn all the basics of D&D and experience how adventures are played.